If you are looking to take care of your lawn yourself, but don’t know how, then this is the place for you. My goal here is to help you have as much enjoyment out of your lawn as I do.

I started my lawn care YouTube channel Grass Daddy to help people have a better lawn. It’s been great, I’ve been helping a lot of people, but I knew I could do more! This website is kind of a companion website to the channel but I also have some cool tools:

  • Lawn Care Plan Tool – This tool takes your location and builds a lawn care plan based on your location and grass type. It pulls historical weather data and now weather forecasting for your area to help you determine the correct times for applications.
  • Lawn Care Journal Tool – This allows you to take digital notes of what you apply and when you apply. You can be as detailed or relaxed as you want, but never forget whether you applied pre-emergent again!
  • Application Calculators (Prodiamine, Tenacity) – These tools will take the crazy manual mumbo jump and give you how much you need to apply in us normal people rates.

I’m also working on documentation for common lawn weeds, lawn pests, lawn diseases, and lawn products.