Tenacity Calculator

Tenacity is a specialty herbicide that can damage your lawn if over applied. The label uses ounces per acre which needs to be appropriately converted to square feet for most home owners. Be very careful care, more is not better with Tenacity.

How many square feet?

Application Rate (per Acre):

Tenacity for Poa Annua Treatment - Treating problem weeds like Poa Annua, Nimblewill, and Bentgrass takes frequent - low dose applications. Apply 7-10 days appart when the weed is actively growing.

Tenacity during a Renovation - When you renovate your lawn you can't use traditional pre-emergent. But you can use Tenacity at the 4oz rate. Apply at seed down and a month later.

Full blanket rate - This is commonly used for finding problem weeds in your lawn. A full blanket rate followed by spot spraying is a great method for finding weeds hiding in your lawn. They'll turn white making it easy to find and kill.

Learn more about Tenacity (mesotrione), I use it for battling nimblewill, lawn renovations, and poa annua control.