Grubs are larvae of beetles and can cause a mess with your lawn. They leave lawns brown and wilting and can often be confused with heat stress. They do this by feeding on the roots of grass which sometimes causes the grass to pull up like a carpet.

To check for grubs, dig a section of lawn up – about a 1ft by 1ft area, down about 4 inches. Look for the little white grubs. It’s normal to see some grubs, but if you see many then it’s time for grub control. It’s important to check a few areas. Grubs will move towards the green grass, so don’t just check the dead areas.

If you have a grub problem you’ll want to first kill the grubs by using an insecticide. Look for one that says it kills grubs within 24 hours. You’ll then prevent grubs with a product that has preventative control like Grub-Ex1. If it’s early in the year, apply it right away. Otherwise remember to apply it yearly around April.

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