DIY Striping Kit

When it comes to lawn striping, whether it’s a DIY striping kit or a pre-made lawn striping kit, having a striping kit is going to give you greater results.But if you are a DIYer you’ll probably scoff at buying a kit – you can make your own! And it’s actually really easy. But first –… Read more »

How many ounces in a teaspoon?

1 oz is the same as 6 teaspoons so that means there are 1/6 or 0.166667 ounces in a teaspoon. If you’re trying to do the math for applying prodiamine, try using the prodiamine calculator instead!

How to aerate your lawn

Aerating your lawn has many benefits. It can increase drainage, it can help get nutrients down to the roots, and is great before seeding! You’ll need to rent an aerator, it’s best to use a core aerator although some use a spike aertor. The reason I prefer the core plugger is because it creates larger… Read more »

How to fix an ugly lawn

So you have an ugly lawn, and you want to fix it. Well, you’ve come to the right place! This article is meant to give you the basics so you can start now, but if you want to take it to the next level you’ll want to subscribe to my channel and use my lawn… Read more »

How to get rid of Moss in the lawn

Moss is a common problem in many lawns and can be quite the nuisance to get rid of. The reason is because Moss can show up for multiple reasons, so it can be hard to find the problem. Reduce Water Moss thrives on moist environments. If you are watering your lawn you’ll need to reduce… Read more »

How to kill weeds in the lawn

Most people struggle to kill weeds in their lawn, and they find it too confusing and complicated. But there is an easy way to handle weeds, especially if you are a newbie. The key is to first kill as many weeds as you can, with an easy to use product that is readily available. My… Read more »

How to Renovate Your Lawn – Start to Finish

Renovating your lawn can be one of the most fun and rewarding projects for your home. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s easy to understand and follow. I killed my entire lawn off to record all the steps I took. Now I went crazy and did a ton of optional steps, so if… Read more »

How to winterize your lawn

For cool season lawns fertilizing in the fall is the most important time to fertilize. But what most people don’t understand is that it’s the “winterizer” step that is most important. This step occurs when the lawn is building up it’s root system to survive the winter. To properly winterize your lawn you’ll need to… Read more »

Lawn Care Newsletter

Want to get my monthly newsletter? I send an email once a month with a reminder of what to expect this month. It’s not too long and I try not to email out too often. Occasionally I’ll email when a really cool video comes out to let you know but if you want notifications on… Read more »

Prodiamine Mixing Made Easy

I have an easy way to apply Prodiamine WDG. I found the normal way people do it is too complicated for me – lots of math and variables to figure out. The first step is to measure your lawn. You can use an online tool like FindLotSize or you can measure it out with a… Read more »

The Weed Killing Funnel

The weed killing funnel takes the guesswork out of killing weeds in the lawn. You’ll start to see progress quickly and work your way down to a weed free lawn. Depending on how bad your lawn is, you might have to do this over a few seasons, but you should see progress within a month… Read more »

Using Tenacity as a Pre-emergent

Tenacity (mesotrione) can be used as a pre-emergent. This is especially useful during seeding time. Most other pre-emergents will also prevent the grass seed from germinating but this will not. To apply tenacity as a pre-emergent you want to blanket spray the whole lawn and then water in the application. It needs to reach the… Read more »

What is Sprout and Pout?

Sprout and pout is commonly referred to the time shortly after new grass seed germinates where the grass stalls growth. During this time the grass is building it’s root structure. The pout refers to the fact that most lawn enthusiasts will cry about the stalled growth to their lawn friends. Kentucky Bluegrass is notorious for… Read more »

When should you use a hose end weed killer?

Hose end weed killers are very handy for taking care of large amounts of weeds. You can get a Ready to Spray version that simply hooks onto your hose and away you go, or you can get the more DIY hose end version where you mix a concentrate yourself. Personally I prefer using the ready… Read more »

When should you use a ready to spray weed killer?

Ready to spray weed killers are a great option for taking care of smaller amounts of weeds. They still work on large amounts, but it’s much more cost efficient to use a concentrate in that case. For smaller lawns (5k or less) I like to use the hose end versions to knock down a large… Read more »