Lawn Rust is a fairly common and easy to control disease. It can freak many people out because it can leave behind orange dust when you are mowing and can rub off on shoes and clothing.

The key to getting rid of lawn rust is to encourage the grass to out grow it, and reduce moisture on the lawn. It’s mostly a cosmetic fungus on the outside of the blades so if you fertilize with a fast release fertilizer it’ll usually outgrow the fungus.

Most people will get lawn rust when there is a lot of dew on the lawn. It’s helpful to remember to water early morning and not late at night, otherwise the moisture is on the grass blades longer giving the rust more chance to spread.

Some people will apply a fungicide if they have lawn rust, I personally do not. I’ve found fertilizing to work just fine. If you are mowing very tall you may want to cut a little shorter just to help the grass blades dry out faster. It’s also a good idea to bag the clippings during an outbreak.




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