The lawn care journal is a free tool for anyone to use to keep track of when they do things to their lawn. It works however you want it to, so if you only want to keep track of fertilizer applications, you can do that. Or if you want to track every tiny little detail of lawn care, you can do that too.

The goal of the lawn care journal is to work with the lawn care planner to help build a plan for your lawn, and help you to keep track of which steps you’ve taken and which you haven’t.

We all get busy, and sometimes we forget things. The summer of 2018 I got busy and I forgot to apply GrubEx in the spring like I usually do. It wasn’t until late summer I realized it, but by then my lawn was being destroyed by chinch bugs. Even if you know what you’re doing, it’s helpful to keep a record of what you’ve put down.

I also like to record what setting I used when applying, and which spreader. I’ll jot a note like Echo RB-80 number 10 was a tad too much. That way next time I apply the product, I can look at my note and see OK it was too much so let’s try number 9. Eventually I’ll get that sweet spot where application is perfect.

So there you have it! I hope you enjoy the lawn care journal, but honestly I don’t care I built it for myself. Summer of 2018 will go down in history, and I won’t repeat it now that I have this lawn care journal to help me 😉