Canada thistle is a top 10 weed because of it’s deep root structure and ability to recover from attempts to remove it. It’s root system spreads quickly so if you have any you’ll want to tackle it quickly.

The good news is there are products available that can kill it. You’ll need to re-apply as one application won’t do it. What I’ll do is weekly walk around the yard and look for any and spray it. That way if I miss a spot I’ll get to it again in two weeks.

You can get Canada thistle from seeds blowing in the wind, so it’s important to use a pre-emergent. But note that even if you use a pre-emergent, due to it’s root system it can still spread into your lawn from neighboring lawns. It’s been known to spread up to 12 feet in a season, so if you see it in a neighbors lawn you may want to ask them if you can spray it for them to prevent it from entering your lawn.

Don’t sweat it if you have Canada thistle, while it’s considered a noxious weed it is something you can tackle. Just remember to spray it weekly with a product containing 2,4-d and use a pre-emergent. You’ll start to conquer it in no time!

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