Lawn Care Newsletter

Want to get my monthly newsletter? I send an email once a month with a reminder of what to expect this month. It’s not too long and I try not to email out too often. Occasionally I’ll email when a really cool video comes out to let you know but if you want notifications on… Read more »

The Weed Killing Funnel

The weed killing funnel takes the guesswork out of killing weeds in the lawn. You’ll start to see progress quickly and work your way down to a weed free lawn. Depending on how bad your lawn is, you might have to do this over a few seasons, but you should see progress within a month… Read more »

When should you use a hose end weed killer?

Hose end weed killers are very handy for taking care of large amounts of weeds. You can get a Ready to Spray version that simply hooks onto your hose and away you go, or you can get the more DIY hose end version where you mix a concentrate yourself. Personally I prefer using the ready… Read more »

When should you use a ready to spray weed killer?

Ready to spray weed killers are a great option for taking care of smaller amounts of weeds. They still work on large amounts, but it’s much more cost efficient to use a concentrate in that case. For smaller lawns (5k or less) I like to use the hose end versions to knock down a large… Read more »