Moss is a common problem in many lawns and can be quite the nuisance to get rid of. The reason is because Moss can show up for multiple reasons, so it can be hard to find the problem.

Reduce Water

Moss thrives on moist environments. If you are watering your lawn you’ll need to reduce watering. If you have areas that naturally stay moist you’ll need to find ways to reduce that moisture. Trimming trees, bushes, etc to increase sunlight to the area can help tremendously.

Fix Your PH

Taking a soil test is important – I do it every year. Most likely if you are having a moss problem your PH is off balance. Applying lime helps bring the PH back into balance, which causes the moss to weaken.

Fertilize your Lawn

Another reason moss can take over is weak grass. If you fertilize the lawn while you fix the drainage and PH problems, it’ll help the grass start to take over the moss. It’s all about making the lawn thrive and the moss weak.

Increase Drainage With Sand?

One trick to increasing drainage and reducing pooling is to top dress your lawn with sand. First you’ll want to aerate your lawn, then top dress with sand. Use a broom to brush the sand into the holes, and be sure to get it off the blades of grass. It’s a lot of work, but it can really help!

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