I have an easy way to apply Prodiamine WDG. I found the normal way people do it is too complicated for me – lots of math and variables to figure out.

The first step is to measure your lawn. You can use an online tool like FindLotSize or you can measure it out with a tape measure. The more accurate you are, the better.

Next you’ll want to use the Prodiamine Calculator. This will find out the proper prodiamine conversion for your lawn. It takes the guesswork out so you don’t make any mistakes.

The missing link now is how much water per oz of prodiamine. What I actually do is spray my entire lawn with *just water* and find out how much water it takes. Then I can mix the prodiamine from the calculator above into that water and the math is done for you. You and I both walk different speeds and do different path widths so this method takes all the guesswork out. Just spray how you want with water, and do it the same when the prodiamine is mixed in.

As for the actual prodiamine mixing – I like to use a paint mixer attached to my drill to super mix it up. You don’t really have to get that crazy but it makes it fun too.

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